1. Do you work for the realty companies?

a: No, We work for you and work with the      realtors.

2. How long does an inspection take?

a: Approx 2-3 hours

3. Can I be at my inspection?

a: Yes, we encourage buyers to meet us at the home and discuss our findings.

4. Do you give us a written report?

a: Yes, Our reports are approx 25 pages long, easy checklist format and include photographs

5. Can I pay for the inspection at Closing?  

a: Yes, We can arrange for our fees to be paid at the time of closing

6. Can I pay with a credit card or by check?

a: Yes.

Home Remedy is a family owned business based in Sioux Falls South Dakota and we are known for our old-school customer service. We are members of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI) and together we promote high standards of professionalism, business ethics, and inspection procedures. If you want your inspector to be friendly, a highly trained professional and detail orientated, give us a call.

Be sure you know what you are buying,  We look beyond curb appeal.

"Great report, great rapport with buyers... excellent technology. Very thorough!"

"Thanks for doing a great job on the home inspection."


If an inspector finds 20 items of interest in a property but can't communicate them to you then what is the point? We will walk through the home with you to explain our findings. We also provide an itemized easy to read report with photographs. We can print this out for you, email it or view it online. Then we take the time to answer the questions you may have.


We take our time and respect yours.

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